equalizing opportunity

Increasing accessibility to higher education for immigrant youth


The Migrant Advocacy Project

Migrant Advocacy Project’s mission is to promote racial equity through increased accessibility to higher education for immigrant youth.


What makes the Migrant Advocacy Project unique?


representation matters

MAP’s foundation is rooted in the collective experiences and values of our team. Our majority-minority leadership reflects MAP’s deep commitment to diversity and representation, with over 60% of our team identifying as female and consists mostly of first-generation and second-generation immigrants.

strength-based model

Unlike most merit-based programs, the MAP Scholars Program does not impose a GPA requirement in our application process. By doing away with this traditional measure of success, MAP redefines what it means to be a scholar. MAP scholars are high school students who are leaders both in their households and in their communities. We select students who demonstrate intellectual curiosity and a deep commitment to learning and, more importantly, show a willingness to give and seek help. By recognizing students for their strengths outside of the classroom setting, MAP works to promote racial equity and inclusion of migrant youth.

Student Oriented Carriculum

MAP aims to address the individualized learning needs, interests, and aspirations of our scholars by allowing each student the opportunity to take responsibility for their learning. Embedded into our application process is a youth outcomes survey where students have the opportunity to select specific services that they would like to be available to them through our workshop series, ranging from academic, personal, and professional development. By giving students an opportunity to identify their learning objectives, we hope to empower each student to continue setting goals and seeking the support they need to achieve them.