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One quarter of Oakland residents are immigrants

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3,000 immigrant youth are enrolled in the Oakland Unified School District


The Oakland Unified School District has seen a 55% increase in immigrant youth since 2013


Migrant Advocacy Project

Over the past decade, The Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) has worked to provide students with then technology that a modern day education demands and every student is given a laptop to supplement their K-12 curriculum. But as students graduate high school, the laptops are recycled back into the district for other students to use. This leaves young high school graduates without the necessary resources to pursue a higher education and has a deeper impact on immigrant youth whose legal statuses may deem them ineligible to receive federal student aid.

The Migrant Advocacy Project (MAP) aims to break down the barriers immigrant youth face in their pursuit of higher education through the MAP Scholars Program, an initiative that improves digital literacy and promotes inclusion of immigrant youth at post-secondary institutions. This summer, ten graduating high school seniors from OUSD will participate in MAP’s digital literacy workshop series focused on three core concept areas:


Personal Development

The MAP Scholars Program offers a safe space for Scholars to realize the beauty of their identity while concurrently forming relationships with other MAP Scholars and the MAP community. Through social outings, community volunteer opportunities, and personal reflection exercises, MAP Scholars can enter college with a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships with those around them.


Academic Development

MAP helps Scholars navigate through their transition from high school to college by equipping them with the tools to succeed in higher education. From using academic research databases to learning more advanced spreadsheet and presentation software techniques, MAP provides each MAP Scholar with the tools to not only survive, but more importantly, succeed at the collegiate level.


Professional Development

Obtaining a job in the digital age requires a proficiency with technology and the internet. By working with each Scholar to develop their resumes, interview skills, and building online professional presences through the creation and management of Linkedin profiles, MAP believes each MAP Scholar can thrive as a professional digital citizen.


Each student who goes through our program


receives a laptop at the end to take with them to college.