Who We Are


Hena Khairzadah, the granddaughter of two Afghani immigrants that migrated to the U.S. during the Soviet invasion, started the Migrant Advocacy Project to honor the sacrifices of her family and the sacrifices of those who are in similar situations. Through the Migrant Advocacy Project, she hopes increase both accessibility to higher education for immigrant youth and representation of underrepresented minorities in the non-profit sector. She takes pride in the team she has built thus far, consisting of 60% female-identifying immigrant women who exhibit deep ties to their communities.

Hena Khairzadah
Co-Founder, Executive Director

Born and raised in the Bay Area as a second generation immigrant, Matthew has experience working in local organizations in the nonprofit sector. His interest in social justice and economic empowerment has led him to his current role as the Director of Development for the Migrant Advocacy Project. Using his unique skill set for creating effective donor-centric messaging and producing successful crowdfunding campaigns, Matthew continues to build support from donors and stakeholders for the MAP Scholars Program.

Matthew Ganan
Co-Founder, Director of Development


Dustin is the co-owner of a company that works with leaders at some of the biggest brands in NYC tech to promote diversity and inclusiveness within their organizations. As part of his role, Dustin manages partner outreach, and has built an expansive network consisting of diversity-oriented nonprofits and executives at venture-backed start ups. Additionally, Dustin has been involved in promoting fundraising campaigns for the victims of mass shootings across America, including one dedicated to victims of the Las Vegas shooting which raised more than $100,000. Dustin brings his diverse skill set to the Migrant Advocacy Project with a special interest in supporting our team in building a cohesive brand, managing outreach, and supporting fundraising efforts.

Dustin Peterson
Marketing and Brand Strategy Consultant

Kimia immigrated to the U.S. from Iran as a low-income, first-generation high school student who has faced many obstacles in accessing academic support, mentorship, and counseling. Currently, she leads a team of research assistants in the Equity, Diversity, and Empathy Navigation Sciences Lab (EDENS) at UC Berkeley where they are constructing intervention material aimed at improving interracial relations between correctional officers and incarcerated persons. She is dedicated to promoting equity and inclusion, which is evident in the psychological research she conducts.

Kimia Saadatian
Senior Project Manager

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Nabeel has expanded his network of hospitality professionals to Los Angeles to include high level clientele and donors within their respective industries. As a first generation American and a direct relation to Muslim Burmese migrants to Pakistan, socio cultural economics have always interested him, driving interest in countless volunteer efforts and involvement with various organizations. Using his skill set in Marketing Communications as well as his network of influential donors, he intends to assist the team in bringing in large financial support from wealthy donors in both the Bay Area and Southern California.

Nabeel Karimi
Public Relations Specialist

Bianca is the daughter of an immigrant mother who taught her that you can achieve anything you want as long as you study and work hard. She has substantial experience in project management and working with students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds that she hopes to leverage to help further MAP’s mission. As president of her high school feminist club, Bianca organized a clothing drive for the Malala Fund and worked to change her school’s dress code to be more inclusive for women. Working with various organizations like Soccer Without Borders and Juntos, Bianca brings her experiences to MAP to create and facilitate community-based workshops.

Bianca Brock
Project Manager, Community Workshops

Iman is an undergraduate at UC Berkeley whose background allows her to play an important role in MAP’S digital literacy and inclusion initiative. She was born and raised in Ethiopia and migrated to the U.S. at the age of 17. During her five years in the U.S., Iman has attended high school, community college, and most recently a four-year institution. She has mastered the skill of leading and facilitating workshops through the experiences she had serving as a volunteer facilitator of the African Business Forum that is held annually at UC Berkley. Most importantly, Iman serves as a great resource for MAP’s initiative due to her strong background and understanding of the struggles migrants face while pursuing higher education in the United States. She understands the need of mentorship for migrant students and is passionate about providing support and guidance to students who need it.

Iman Umer
Project Manager, Community Workshops

Gabriela, the daughter of two Latinx migrants, offers a unique perspective of how lack of legal citizenship may alter an individual’s educational outcomes. At her alma mater Eagle Rock High School, Gabriela was class Treasurer and subsequently held office as President. Gabriela has lead her team in raising over $60,000 with the support of her school’s student body which makes us confident in her ability to lead our fundraising efforts.

Gabriela Nunez
Fundraising Chair